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Bamboo floor advantage: Wintry warm summer is cool, bamboo because coefficient of thermal conductivity is low, oneself does not give birth to cool exothermic. Special agree with shop outfit is in sitting room, bedroom, gym, study, act sow face of and other places of hotel of hall, hotel and wall adornment; Quality of a material is solid wear-resisting, colour and lustre is downy beautiful beautiful, price of sex bamboo wood grain , Zhu Xiangyi's person is compared tall, the price is however between compound floor and real wood floor, the result is very natural, safeguard simpler also.
Bamboo floor inferior position: Stability is insufficient, bamboo floor contracts and expand should compare real wood floor small; The effect that suffers insolation and moisture appears easily statified phenomenon; The bamboo floor with a few undeserved processing grows a harmful person easily, affected the service life; of the floor
Bamboo floor is it is material with natural bamboo, the plank of environmental protection sex that be machined through advanced process and becomes. When picking bamboo floor capable person, we can know its talent qualitative level first, reside the home to decorate actual condition to undertake aptly buying according to oneself again.
Standard of bamboo floor choose and buy 1: The common measure of bamboo floor
The bamboo floor on the market, norms dimension all slants long. Dimension of bamboo floor convention basically has 15*90*909mm, 15*96*960mm, 15*96*1850mm/1920mm, 15*190*1900mm these a few kinds of norms. Choose and buy when the bamboo floor that cannot go after big norms, large size blindly, generally speaking, floor dimension Yue Xiaokang is out of shape ability has been jumped over.
Standard of bamboo floor choose and buy 2: The moisture content of bamboo floor
Moisture content affects the service life of bamboo floor, general floor board should control moisture content in 8% less than. But differ as a result of humidity as a result of each district, standard of moisture content of floor of bamboo of choose and buy also has certain difference, must notice moisture content is right local adaptability. There are a lot of bamboo floor boards without processing and manufacture in a rough way on the market at present, suffer effect of damp, humidity extremely easily, the floor after installing period of time is nigrescent, lose burnish, systole to be out of shape, should differentiate seriously when the choose and buy.
Standard of bamboo floor choose and buy 3: The wear-resisting of bamboo floor is spent
Revolution of bamboo floor wear-resisting is achieved 550 turn to be tasted for qualification. The Tu Bu that the main factor that decides wear-resisting revolution discretion is wear-resisting priming paint is measured. Here is paint film grinds the revolution that wear, and of level of real wood floor is wooden floor grinds whole fact wear revolution, and outclass of bamboo floor density is major real wood floor. Mostly although go up at can be being amounted to not as good as,the wear-resisting of bamboo floor is spent the 1000 aggrandizement wood floors that turn, but still floor of excel real wood.
Standard of bamboo floor choose and buy 4: The formaldehyde of bamboo floor releases a quantity
Like wooden floor, choose and buy bamboo floor The most important see its formaldehyde release a quantity index is eligible. The formaldehyde of product of form of national level E1 releases set limit to to be less than 1.5mg/L, it is an index that before we are bought, must understand.
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